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The PROBST Guild is a social club designed to provide Education & Libation to the masses. PROBST stands for Pflugerville Round Rock Order of Bourbon & Spirit Tasters – and we are just that. We strive to have multiple gatherings each month that range from ‘Pop-Ups’ – “I have a bottle I’d like you to try & you have a bottle that I’d like to try – let’s get together!!” to full on Distillery Takeovers! This allows us to not just branch out & find new flavors – be it a newly discovered liking of gin or a cocktail made with your favorite tequila – but to learn what separates one variety of spirit from another, what we like (& dislike) about certain spirits and how to get the most from our purchases. Whether you’re new to spirits or have been enjoying them for a while – we invite you to take a look around, subscribe to our monthly newsletter & check out our social media. On these platforms you’ll receive up to date information on events, bottle releases, special ‘once in a lifetime’ offerings & make new friends over a common hobby!!

Thanks for stopping by & PROBST!!!