A Little about how PROBST came to be…

It started by sharing a passion with friends…

Who doesn’t love of a good drink? Based in Central Texas, we have seen the Wine boom, the Craft beer movement and have recently found that we are living in an area at the center of explosive growth associated with Whiskey & Spirits. Central Texas is uniquely located where the climate is just right to age whiskeys in half the time of Kentucky distillers (and a decade sooner than Scotland!) with the same or even better results. Finding forums or groups dedicated to the education and introduction of whiskey can be difficult. Man can be either too elitist or just a drinking club.

After enjoying a good dram with Stan Smith, Nick Bailey & a host of others a couple times we decided to create a Facebook group and the PROBST Guild was born! PROBST stands for Pflugerville Round Rock Order of Bourbon & Spirit Tasters (A little play on the German word for ‘cheers’ – Prost!). We are a group of local aficionados of Bourbons, Whiskies, Scotches, & other Spirits. With “Education & Libation” as our foundation – we focus on learning how the distillers make their product: What drives their decisions. | What is the difference between products: What is a Scotch and how is it different than say an Irish Whiskey? How is a Bourbon different if they are all considered Whiskey? | & Expand our knowledge of bottles, find new hidden gems without spending money on a bottle we may not like.

So, whether you live locally, or not, join our facebook group.  Our posts aim to educate, introduce you to a whole new craft and hopefully entertain you along the way.

James & Charis Botek
On behalf of the PROBST Board